Roof Top Solar

Benefits of Solar Rooftop System

Typically 1 KWp Solar Power Plant Generate 1,425.00 unit in a year. Considering the cost of electricity @ Rs. 8/- per unit. So the annual benefit of 1 KWp solar power plant will be 1,425.00×8=Rs. 11,400.00 per year. It means 1 KWp solar power plant save Rs. 950.00 Per Month.

Solar Power Plant Generation Aprox Yearly Savings Aprox Monthly Saving Aprox
10 KWp 14500 unit per year. 14500×8 = 116000/- 9667/-

for the next 25 years. Payback period of solar Power Plant Approx. 3 years to 3.5 years and you will get free electricity for the rest of life (subject to normal degradation)

Technical Specification

BOQ for 10 Kwp Solar Power Plant
S.No. Item Unit Make
(a) Poly Crystalline (330-350 Wp)
(b) Mono Perc (525 to 560 wp)
Kwp Vikram, Polycab,
JA, Trina, Longi
String Inverter Kwp Sungrow, Polycab,
Module Mounting structure Kwp SSPPL
MCB BOX with MCB Nos. Switch gears from
Schneider etc.
DC Cable, PVC insulated,
Double sheathed Cu Cable,
UV protected
Meters Polycab
AC Cable, PVC insulated,
Cu Cable flexible, UV protected
Meters Polycab
AC Cable, PVC insulated,
Armoured Al Cable, UV protected
Meters Polycab
Earthing kit along with accessories
(Maintenance free earthing)
SET True Power
Solar & Net Meters SET Secure
MC 4 Connector SET Elmax
Lighting Arrestor SET True Power

Scope of Work

BOQ for 10 Kwp Solar Power Plant

Designing, engineering, manufacturing, procurement, supply/ transportation of materials of site, project management, unloading of materials at site, storage at site, handling of materials at site, installation of mechanical equipments, piping instrumentation and electrical systems and other equipments. Details scope is listed below.

Simulation of Generation of Electricity/ Feasibility Study.
Estimation of Power Generation
Construction of Civil Work/ Electrical Work/ Mechanical Work
Module Mounting Structure: Galvanized structure with accessories able
to withstand wind load up to 150 KMPH & average Seismic conditions.
Cable Laying
Government liasoning for all statuary approvals.
All Government permissions related to the project.
Site Survey/ Site Selection
Roof Testing & Topography Layout.
Site & Resources Assessment
Energy Yield Assessment.
Detail Design for Construction
Civil and Structure Engineering
Electrical Layout
Bill of Materials (BOM) / Bill of Quantity (BOQ)
Supply of Materials/ Equipments
Supply of all equipments up to first destination.
Unloading of material at site.
Security of Material
Safety Rails and related civil work to same.
Testing & Commissioning
Testing of all equipment.
Setup of remote monitoring System.

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